Friday, December 20, 2013

Affordable Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season
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Christmas Tree on a Dime
With trying economic times, you may be tempted to forego the tree this Christmas. But you really can decorate an entire tree for under $50. Check out three inspiring, penny-pinching ideas.

On the Cheap
We asked stylist Rebecca Hawkins to dream up three Christmas trees that cost under $50 to decorate.
Although she was initially skeptical that it could be done, Rebecca came up with three innovative and charming trees that you can copy at home by simply recycling old decorations and using things you may already have around the house.
In calculating our costs, we factored in only the decorations, assuming you already had a tree and lights.

Children’s Tree

By gathering elements that your children play with or use every day, you can tailor a tree to a child's tastes. Colorful socks and mittens make creative ornaments. Children's pinwheels come in large quantities at a party-supply source. Threaded through an ornament hanger, they have big impact on the tree. Cookie cutters press into service as ornaments, and a Santa hat tops the whole thing off. A colorful throw serves as a tree skirt.

Natural Tree

By simply gathering material from your yard in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can create a sparkling tree with natural appeal. On a tree that’s extremely budget-friendly, dried hydrangea blossoms, berried branches, and sweet gumballs make a layered, elegant display. Start looking for hydrangea blossoms and gumballs in mid-October. A store-bought birdhouse was our only splurge, but you could save this money by purchasing a wooden one a crafts store and painting it yourself.

Paper Tree
Save your Christmas cards from years gone by, and repurpose the colorful designs as Christmas ornaments and garlands. With a hole punch and a hanger, paper coasters were also turned into decorations. A paper lantern continues the paper theme as a tree topper.